The Future

Circle of Life Children's Center continues as a work in progress.  We are creating and refining a model of care with associated cost savings for palliative care and end-of-life services to children, and promoting advocacy and support for families that can be replicated in other states across the country.

There yet remain many issues to be addressed, such as securing insurance and Medicare reimbursement for pediatric palliative care, identifying an in-patient model for cost-effective end-of-life care and respite care outside the home for children in need; and teaching the doctors of tomorrow how to incorporate palliative care into their practices to ensure quality of life for children who are yet unborn.

It is our hope that one day all seriously and terminally ill infants, children and adolescents will benefit from palliative care for children as part of overall quality care by the physicians and healthcare providers charged with their care.

Toward these ends, Circle of Life is focusing on:

  • Expanding the educational components of our program to reach increasing numbers of healthcare professionals and institutions;
  • Increasing educational support to families in crisis;
  • Expanding our safety net of support for families to previously unserved counties in New Jersey;
  • Promoting our services within New Jersey to reach potential families of qualified children who can benefit from our compassionate services;
  • Promoting our name and mission to become recognized for the value of our programs and services and the need for our compassionate services including family advocacy;
  • Contributing to the scientific research on pediatric palliative care;
  • Identifying and educating third party payers to achieve reimbursement for palliative care services provided to infants, children and adolescents.